User Survey

User Survey

Thank you to all who responded to the User Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed and returned the survey sent out by the trustees in December 2018. We were delighted with the number of responses received. The response summary is detailed below.

Since 2018 we have worked with the Parish Council to upgrade the facilities and have installed a new commercial kitchen, repainted the interiors throughout, renewed the flooring and decor in the committee room, and are in the process of upgrading the bar. The roof, soffits and bargeboards have been repaired and/or replaced and the hall is now in very good shape for the future.

Car Parking is increasingly required and the Parish Council is working on developing a car park near to the hall  in 2021.

Cinema facilities are also in hand and will be installed in the autumn of 2021 to add a further facility to the village.


Survey Result Headlines

  • 53 households sent a reply which is the equivalent of a 20% response rate. Most surveys receive fewer than 10% replies so we are encouraged that so many of you are concerned about the future of your village hall.
  • 90% of respondents are regular users of the Hall
  • There is overwhelming support for increased usage of the hall.
  • There were very positive reviews given to the main hall and the new furniture.
  • 85% of regular users believe the kitchen facilities need improvement. 80% believe improving the kitchen is a moderate to high priority. China and glassware also attract comment.
  • 37% think improving parkingis a top priority and some suggestions were made to support this.
  • 50% agreed access to the school fieldwas a moderate to high priority for specific events.
  • Bar facilitiesand outside lightingalso attract comment

Financial matters:

  • 94% of respondents agreed to support future fundraising efforts to maintain and improve the hall
  • 92% agreed a portion of the parish precept be used to support maintenance and improvement of the hall.

The Trustees have agreed to work with the community and the Parish Council to address the matters raised in the survey.  Plans are underway to address issues identified with the roof structure and improve the kitchen facilities.

A number of fund raising activities have been identified including grant applications, community activities, increased and improved marketing and Parish Council support.